Introducing your Tool Kit


Nuts and bolts

Welcome to the Tool Kit. It’s our brand resource page for our childless-not-by-choice community and supports The Full Stop podcast episodes.

Some of our listeners have asked for written resources. If you’ve listened to our first episodes, you’ll appreciate how much information we cover, it’s a lot to pack into the show notes. We also appreciate that there’s often more that our guests want to say. The Tool Kit is our response.

Why the Tool Kit? Well, friends and followers of Michael will know that he’s an engineer. The Tool Kit also brings in Sarah’s counselling training and coaching background as she supports us and our listeners with her resources. Berenice is the creator of the Tool Kit magazine so it’s using her creative tools. 

We hope you love the Tool Kit! We’ve had lots of fun creating it. As always we love your feedback, it’s your podcast too.

You can read the Tool Kit magazine online by clicking here or hovering and clicking on the cover below! We have also listed recommended support groups, click on the button below.


Click on the image to read our first manual covering episodes 1-4

Do let know what you think!