Episode 5: World Childless Week with Stephanie Phillips and her Champions

Sarah Lawrence hosted this episode and asked some amazing questions which inspired Steph, Jody Day, Robin Hadley, Rod Silvers, Vicky Page, Anne Barratt, Karin Enfield De Vries, Yvonne Maier, Bibi Lynch and Yvonne John to talk about what World Childless Week means to them and the community. We also lingered on the big issues that challenges us and themes to tackle for the future.

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Meet The Presenters


Find out about your three presenters in our own unique Q&A. We picked five questions to ask each other and came up with five unique answers! There’s a lot of laughs and we hope you’ll find it fun to listen to! We’d love to know what you think on our social media channels.

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Berenice Howard-Smith