Episode 4: Men and Childlessness with Dr. Robin Hadley, Rod Silvers and Andy Harrod

In this episode Michael, Sarah and Berenice were joined by Dr. Robin Hadley, actor and writer Rod Silvers and PhD researcher Andy Harrod.

Robin completed his PhD at Keele University on the subject of involuntarily childless older men. He is in demand by the media thanks to his comprehensive research in an area that holds a personal interest to him. He’s a great friend to Michael and Rod, and we were thrilled he could find time to join us. 

Rod Silvers injects honesty and entertainment into the serious subject of male infertility. His personal experiences have lead to two plays, England Expects and Terry and Jude, taking his career from market stallholder to stand-up comic and talented writer of sketches and plays for the Edinburgh Fringe and BBC Radio 2 and 4. 

One of the most rewarding parts of running a regular podcast is that we have many opportunities to share new stories. We were honoured to welcome Andy Harrod to our show. We enjoyed talking to him and we hope you find his words as inspiring as we did. You can read more about Andy on his website, Decoding Static

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