Episode 2: Writing It Down with Lorna Gibb and Annie Kirby

Episode 2: Writing It Down with Lorna Gibb and Annie Kirby

In this episode we talked about Writing It Down with Dr Lorna Gibb who shared her experiences of writing and researching Childless Voices. You can read more about her book on this Guardian review and buy via Amazon here. You can follow Lorna on Twitter too by clicking here.

Dr Annie Kirby, winner of the Asham Award 2005 and author, spoke to us about plans for her creative writing workshops for our community. Read more about Annie and her work on her website here. You can also follow Annie on Twitter here.

Sarah, Michael and Berenice wish to thank Lorna and Annie for joining us and taking the time to share their experiences. You can listen to Lesley Pyne and Tessa Broad talking about writing on Episode 3 here.

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