Meet the Presenters - listen to The Full Stop podcast

We're super excited to share our first podcast recording for the childless not by choice community! It's the long-awaited intro podcast episode where we've shared five questions, in a kind of audio version of those 'get to know you' questions. It's been approved by our listen panel (thank you team!) and we're nervously hoping you'll love listening as much as we loved recording it.

We’re trying not to be speechless with terror as we unleash our voices on the world since we’re interviewing Jody Day from Gateway Women for Episode 1 this morning. It’s all systems go and we like to thank everyone who sent in a question around the theme of Speaking out.

If you think we missed something in our intro or have a burning question to ask us, then get interactive and drop us a line below or in confidence via our website here.

Get listening right here and if you loved the audio, give Michael a high five on social media as we think it's a DJ genius!