Full Stop starts! May recording

It’s been a few days since Sarah and I were at Fertility Fest and we’re both still winding down from the day. There was a lot to see, the sessions were really busy - sold out in fact - and I had an emotional day providing support to visitors and advice. We were both really busy handing out business cards and chatting to people about our plans.

In our May recording one of the subjects we’ll be covering, is logging in or going out. We’d love to know if you’ve been to an event, did it help? What challenges have you faced? What would you have done differently? Is there an event that isn't created and needs to happen? Have you spoken at an event and how did that feel? Let us know your thoughts and if you were at Fertility Fest, please get in touch as we’d love a soundbite from you.

Michael, Sarah and I are meeting on Zoom this weekend to make more plans, if you’d like to hear about that first then do sign up to our newsletter on our contact page. We absolutely promise to only email you with useful stuff, none of that spam stuff!

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Have a great week!